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· Rally 2100
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  Coches y motos

Rally 2100
     It has been played for 31113 gamers!!
Use your mouse to make turn and avoid your opponents that will steal your energy. Kepp your energy bar as full as you can to complete each stage.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Travesía rodante
     It has been played for 15265 gamers!!
Timmy wish become into a big driver cars and Wanda granted his wish, but in a small way. Use the arrow keys to complete 3 laps on each track, obtaining time and bonus and avoiding the obstacules.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: Spanish
Motor Madness
     It has been played for 15005 gamers!!
The gang is hot on the trail of a suspicious character. Follow him around town in the Mystery Van to see what he's up to. Use arrow keys to do it, and Up/Down to take a picture.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Ballet Parking
     It has been played for 12900 gamers!!
Bump into the cars and make them spin like ballistic ballerinas until they reach the parking spot that matches their colour. Make sure you use the right strategy: both the time and the number of hits are limited!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Vegas Street Chase
     It has been played for 11944 gamers!!
Help Kate and Bugs get Daffy back to the studio. Be careful! If you get too close, DJ will use all his stuntman skills to lose you. Use arrow keys to move you and space bar to use power ups.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Delivery Dilemma
     It has been played for 13763 gamers!!
Help Spongebob deliver ingredients to the krusty krab on time without getting run off the road by plankton's minions! Use arrow keys to play and space bar to hit a special attack.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Mickey and friends Super Racer
     It has been played for 16993 gamers!!
Slide your mouse cursor over the race car to make it move. The closer you are to the car, the faster it will go. To pause the game, move your cursor away from the car. Collect the lightning bolts to charge your battery.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Car Madness
     It has been played for 12926 gamers!!
This is an ideal game to play with 2 or more gamers. You can choose the track to play and contrast your time with your friend. It's better driving slower than go crashing all the time.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Broadband Cup
     It has been played for 13662 gamers!!
Gentlemen start your engines! When the lights go green tap away on the Z & X keys consecutively to floor your engine. If you need that little extra boost hit the Space bar, but you have only three.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Big Truck 2
     It has been played for 23492 gamers!!
Use arrow keys to move yout truck, or rotate it using left and right keys. If you need boost, use Shift key, and Z to breake. Use with caution the boost.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bike Mania 2
     It has been played for 18212 gamers!!
You haveto surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible. The controls are: Up and Down to move forward and to move backward. To lean the biker's body use left and right.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Dirt Bike 4
     It has been played for 18559 gamers!!
Your goal is to complete all the levels in the shortest possible time, without falling off your bike. The shorter your time, the higher your score. Good luck!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 8051 gamers!!
Press spacebar to start, and then press the button start. You must take a taxi and arrive safe and sound in the destination. The goal have a number of kilometers to do it. Good luck.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Parker bilen!
     It has been played for 9731 gamers!!
Practising parking without pressures, with no gas debt and comfortably seated in front of your computer. Use the arrow keys to move the car and spacebar to pass levels or star again.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: German
Blood car 2000
     It has been played for 8287 gamers!!
Run people down with your car, keep killing to rack up a big combo. Try to side swipe and power slide into people for more points.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
ATV Extreme
     It has been played for 12748 gamers!!
Amazing Quad's game. You could test it as many times as you want. If you use the Enter key, you could change direction, that it's necessary in many ocassions.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Monster Truck Trials
     It has been played for 11555 gamers!!
Welcome to the monster truck trials. You must complete a serie of test as jumping as far as you can, or to do as many somersaults using arrow keys.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
3D Motorbike Racing
     It has been played for 14948 gamers!!
Select the player mode, customize your rider and use the arrow keys to run. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best time score table.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Foofa Race
     It has been played for 7133 gamers!!
Drive your car using arrow keys. You also hace a variety of items to make the race more funny. For example: space cannon hits the car in first position. Pay attention on its.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Gig Racer
     It has been played for 7037 gamers!!
To ensure a successful gig, you must avoid the boxes but collect the music gear. You can also make contact with groupues for bonus points. Use the arrow keys to steer, and space bar to jump.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
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Atardecer cuenta regresiva
Thanks! But no thanks!
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