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Code of the Samurai
     It has been played for 42845 gamers!!
Use arrow keys to move your character, up/down are to jump/crouch respectively, and space bar to attack. Find out the six secret weapons and enjoy this game.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Superman in Justice League
     It has been played for 15138 gamers!!
Superman could repel the hordes of target robots. Help him pressing the spacebar key to punch and use right and left arrow keys to move him. On each level you must hit a number of robots.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Feather weight duck
     It has been played for 12064 gamers!!
Daffy duck is alone faced the danger. Help his pressing the correct keys to win the battle. There are a lot of it. Make combos pressing arrow keys and letter keys A and S.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Mass ¡Lucha Mucha!
     It has been played for 13210 gamers!!
Live the Wrestling on person! Use combinations pressing 2 or 3 keys at the same time (arrow keys) and hit your opponent pressing the space bar.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Rush Crush
     It has been played for 12521 gamers!!
Help the Thing rescue his Fantastic friends by destroying Doctor Doom's deadly robots along the way. Use arrow keys to do amazing hits and space bar to get a power smash.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Touché Turtle Black is the Knight
     It has been played for 11536 gamers!!
Touché Turtle must fight in a duel with the Dark Knight to pretect the villagers. Use the arrow keys to perform fencing attack. Pressing right arrow attack with middle attacks. Anticipate knights moves!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
The Cobblebot Caper
     It has been played for 12437 gamers!!
Fight against the enemy in Gotam city. Use batarang pressing A, puck with S and with D kick. To jump or glide use space bar and to move you press arrow keys.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Martian Invasion
     It has been played for 11650 gamers!!
George Jetson's office has been hijacked by Marbin the Martian. George is the only person able to clean up this mess. Use arrow keys to move, A key to shoot and the S key to aime up.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
The Box 3
     It has been played for 12358 gamers!!
You are a small box and you must avoid the red box at all cost! Use the arrow keys to move. You can slow down the red box's size by picking up the shrinking item, or you can pick up a speed boost.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 12023 gamers!!
Rescue the urbanville citizens from the clutches of the henchlings. Let too many of them blow up and it's game over! Pressing spacebar you can desactivate bombs and Z to attack.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bloody Blades
     It has been played for 5499 gamers!!
Kill as many Evil Ninjas as you can before they kill you. Usearrow keys to move the character and the keys: A to attack, S to speed up and D to Defend. If you hold A, you can use a Magic Ball attack.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Battle Mechs
     It has been played for 6994 gamers!!
Becoming in a master on combats defeating every enemy in combat. The main trick is to buy add-ons and shields, and mainly to buy the aditional weapon that offers a shoot on each turn.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Battlegrounds Joelasticot
     It has been played for 5826 gamers!!
The point of the game es to lead your warriors through the missions. Click on a soldier and Control+click to send the unit there. For detailed instructions, click on Help in the start Menu.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Arny\'s Battle
     It has been played for 6524 gamers!!
A pacific archaelogist has become in fury after a thief has stolen his discovers. His loved ancient pieces. Help him to recover the pieces. Read carefully the instructions before play the game.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bandit Kings
     It has been played for 5588 gamers!!
The object of the game is to fill your castle full of gold vefore your opponent can! Watch for falling loot and attacl caravans to plunder their gold! The controls are: J, K/L. 2 player's game.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Battle for Gondor
     It has been played for 6551 gamers!!
Your task is to protect our lands from the orc invasion. You will be talking control of parts of the army. Our soldiers are intelligent, and you'll do their best in slaying the beasts.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Body Ladder
     It has been played for 42943 gamers!!
Any insane scientist has created a big horde of zombies that has invaded your neighbourhood. You were walking in a pacific day and now, you need to survive in this sittuation.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Black Sails
     It has been played for 5547 gamers!!
After choosing your allegiance, you have to embarck on conquering a new wolrd in a new age. Capture all the towns! Use arrow keys to navigate, Z and X to fire cannons and numbers 1 to 4 to change cannon ammo type.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bionic Bugz
     It has been played for 6009 gamers!!
Battle your way through the bionic enemy bugs, and be the hero of the day. Use the arrow keys to move and switch weapons with Z, X, C and V. To fire your weapon press space key.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Big Head
     It has been played for 5740 gamers!!
Use Big Head to destroy the buildings shown in the objetive screen in the upper right hand corner within the allotted time. Arrow keys to move, Space to jump and combinations between its.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
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