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· Rally 2100
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· Winnie the Pooh\'s 100 Acre Wood Golf
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· Deal or not Deal
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· Food bash
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· Job Runner
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· Atardecer cuenta regresiva
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· Code of the Samurai
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Food bash
     It has been played for 29936 gamers!!
Get ready for a food fight you'll never forget. Take aim with your mouse and click to throw. Dodge food by pressing the space bar. The first to splat the other five times wins!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Mystic Training
     It has been played for 15301 gamers!!
Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of live challengers (one for each Mystic Ranger). Play all challenges by using the left mouse button.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Marvin\'s Anti-gravity Disintegrator
     It has been played for 12363 gamers!!
Help Marvin clear the plasma orbs from each level using his blaster. Use the arrow keys to move his around the playing field and use the spacebar to fire his blaster. Also obtain bonus activating combos.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Depth Charger
     It has been played for 13341 gamers!!
Dr Kamikazi has launched a wave of deadly sea mines. Help Robotboy destroy the mines before they hit the ocean floor. Usa arrow keys to move, space bar to fire and Z/X to activate features.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Garfield\'s Sheep Shot
     It has been played for 11547 gamers!!
Garfield was born to snooze! He needs at least nine hours of sleep every night, and you can help him get it. Use the slingshot to launch the sheep into Garfield's be. Every hit give a half hour of restful slumber.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Frogee Shoot
     It has been played for 13472 gamers!!
Help Frogee shoot all of the dragonflies. Killing them increases your score and will allow you to proceed to the next level. Some dragonflies carry bonuses for you. Happy dragonfly hunting!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Protect the fire
     It has been played for 12761 gamers!!
Your goal is to sink your opponent's rafts before he sinks yours. Turn the wheel to raise your catapult's launch intensity, press the launch button to fire away! Good luck.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Duck Dodgers 4
     It has been played for 12510 gamers!!
Daffy Sheldom Duck and his cadet are in a big mess. A great enemy is escaping from them. Move the target to aim and fire with the mouse. To activate the boost, press space bar.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Duck Dodgers 2
     It has been played for 12914 gamers!!
In this ocassion, Lucas's Duck is in a mess. You must help them shooting every obstacule in the space. Move the target to aim and fire clicking left button's mouse. Good luck!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Scoops in ladders
     It has been played for 14097 gamers!!
Donald needs your help making the tallest ice cream cone in the world. Click on Donald or use the space bar to drop a scoop of ice cream in the moving cone.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Keep ups
     It has been played for 6427 gamers!!
Keep the ball ups as many time as you can clicking all the time on it. Pay attention on each zone you click and avoid clicking on ball's sides.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Hunter Feria
     It has been played for 6466 gamers!!
Before going festival you must practise this game in order to obtain the big cuddly toy. Insert a coin, press the button and practice your aim shooting to every animal in your way.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Defender of the Earth
     It has been played for 5077 gamers!!
You are alone in the space on board of a satellite. Your mission is keep alive our planet. There are a lot of meteorites crashing on the Earth. You must catch it moving the satellite.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bow Man 2
     It has been played for 8369 gamers!!
They have been put alone on the grass, with a bow, with no knoyledge about it and enemies around you. You must learn to use the bow before the enemy hurts you. Good luck.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Boomerang Mayhem
     It has been played for 5247 gamers!!
That's right my faithful native, it's time for the kangaroos to have their revenge! Collect bonuses and whatch out for thrown boomerangs defend yourself and see how it feels to be the endangered species!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Boxhead 2 play
     It has been played for 24697 gamers!!
Shoter's game with a great variety of modes. Is very bloody and the objetive is very simple: kill every zombie or other charater in the map.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bubble tanks
     It has been played for 5127 gamers!!
Use arrow keys to move and your mouse to aim and shoot. If you move the mouse outside of bubble you can aim and shoot.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bloons Player 2
     It has been played for 6494 gamers!!
If you love become into a big monkey you must pass each level of the next Bloons Player game. In order to achieve it, we bring you a pack of levels and an amount of arrrows to complete it.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Beach Squirter
     It has been played for 5684 gamers!!
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bow master
     It has been played for 5977 gamers!!
You are surrounded by the enemy, closed in your casttle. The main objetive is protect your home and practise your aim. To do it, click with your mouse and hold under the archer, drag and release it.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
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Job Runner
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Rally 2100
Atardecer cuenta regresiva
Thanks! But no thanks!
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Food bash
Code of the Samurai
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