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· Thanks! But no thanks!
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· Rally 2100
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· Winnie the Pooh\'s 100 Acre Wood Golf
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· Deal or not Deal
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· Food bash
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· Job Runner
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· Atardecer cuenta regresiva
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· Quickpick Zelda
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· Code of the Samurai
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Connect 4
     It has been played for 12888 gamers!!
Click on the row to drop a token. Try to get four in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game ends when one of the players obtain four in a row. Good luck and be patient.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 12629 gamers!!
Chess game without graphics an horrible colours. This game remembers me the chess exercices of newspaper. You are the Black ones and the White ones.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Car Madness
     It has been played for 12926 gamers!!
This is an ideal game to play with 2 or more gamers. You can choose the track to play and contrast your time with your friend. It's better driving slower than go crashing all the time.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Boxhead 2 play
     It has been played for 24697 gamers!!
Shoter's game with a great variety of modes. Is very bloody and the objetive is very simple: kill every zombie or other charater in the map.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bowser Ball 2
     It has been played for 47046 gamers!!
Use the Arrow Keys and W,S,A,D keys to move Mario and Luigi. Dodge the balls thrown by Bowser and get the highest score to win the game. Higher levels have more balls that are thrown.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bees under attack
     It has been played for 4081 gamers!!
Kill every enemy bee using your own bees as canon's bees. Using the mouse to give an angle and force. A bit aid: to start use the combination 50-30.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Bandit Kings
     It has been played for 5588 gamers!!
The object of the game is to fill your castle full of gold vefore your opponent can! Watch for falling loot and attacl caravans to plunder their gold! The controls are: J, K/L. 2 player's game.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Battle over Berlin
     It has been played for 12563 gamers!!
Take a run-up, press the up key and when you'll have the appropiate speed take off and kill every enemy plane you'll see. Pay attenrion on the instructions.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 3936 gamers!!
Collecting coloured balls with your magic ball with no touch of red balls. As many ball you collect, as many red ball will be.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 4487 gamers!!
The evil sorceror Drax has abducted the beautiful princess Mariana to satiate his nefarious desires. You are the powerful warrior to vanquish Drax's demonic guardians and free the princess.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 3537 gamers!!
What amazing game. Gay's war has arrived. Using the CTRL key you can shoot, A and Z to aim and you also can move into the scenary with arrow keys.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Faith Fighter
     It has been played for 4540 gamers!!
Amazing game like Street Fighter, with combos, a lot of characters, which one with his/her own special attacks and also a lot of enemies. Pay atention at the beginning.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Child\'s War
     It has been played for 3903 gamers!!
Child's games are more violent than in the past. You must kill other children using the correct weapon in the correct moment. For example, you could use the propeller to put yourself toguether the enemy and using the bat to beat hard.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
     It has been played for 4916 gamers!!
New version of this classic game. You could play using Up and Down arrow keys, and the space to shoot the ball and the opponent.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Carrera de Lanchas
     It has been played for 5300 gamers!!
Competing versus pc or a friend with high speed evading islands and other obstacules.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
War\'s Time.
     It has been played for 4216 gamers!!
You can't live together with your friends. You have a 30secs turn to choose a strategy and give your shoot with the spacebar.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Eruption Disruption
     It has been played for 6266 gamers!!
A volcano has erupted and its up to you to fly through the ash clouds and collect the missing research balloons! Avoid contact with the ash cloud as it affects engine performance and windscreen visibilty.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
Disco Jungle
     It has been played for 4824 gamers!!
Disco Jungle is without a doubt the most trendly club from all around. Aim a tile with your trump and press X to absorb it. You must create lines with the same colour.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: Spanish
Battle Warp
     It has been played for 5422 gamers!!
Your goal is ensuring the safety of your base killing every little alien. If you can not do it alone, invite a friend to fight together.
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: Spanish
Dragon Fist 3
     It has been played for 6482 gamers!!
Do you like to be a ninja and kill every bad guy that appears in your way? Choose your look and using the controls (A,W,D,S) and T,Y,U to beat; learning combos to suprise your enemy. You can play with other friend and give her a beating :-)
LET'S PLAY IT!     Language: English
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Job Runner
Quickpick Zelda
Rally 2100
Atardecer cuenta regresiva
Thanks! But no thanks!
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Food bash
Code of the Samurai
Travesía rodante
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Canyon Defense
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